Monday, January 26, 2015

telematics experience in Euro

Something very interesting to drive a car in Euro highway (x, Euro; x' CN):
1. in Euro esp in Germany, some very restricted laws in place, so the driver are driving in a more standard way, and also the people who are crossing the road, they are strictly following the rules;
1'. Was very easy to acquire the driving license, very crowded road, the passenger on the road are not really followed the rules, improper driving behavior everywhere (fatigue driving, overload, unexpected lane cut in...)

2. They are a lot of outdated car driving on the road, and because of very restricted driving license examination, and good traffic condition, Europeans esp Germans,  they are used to manual transmission car than auto transmission car;
2'. Nearly no manual transmission car available on the road, and very bad traffic condition everywhere...

3. Current car related industry, biz mode and regulation are existing for very long time, people are already used to it. (e.g. ADAC is known for every driver for road side assistance);
3'. Car related industry, biz mode and regulation are not long existing as in Europe, car becomes a normal thing for a family only happens recently few years, a lot of process and support infra and related services should be improved or set up.

4. Europeans normally they do not have only one car, or they often share cars with each other and car rental services are very well accepted here, so new tech is not very well accepted here, because the driver needs to down grade compatible with older cars for a lot of use cases;
4'. Car is not shared with each other, very rare to see the outdated cars, new tech is very quickly adapted here;

5. Driving in Europe, still is a fun thing to do, it's a relax thing.
5'. In China, most of time it's boring, because of the air condition and homogenization development.

Which makes European hard to embrace the new telematics tech, because they already used to the current situation, in China, on contrary, they do not have historical problems and because of only this country was only caring abt GDP growth in past years, not everything was fully set up even not set up, but China just keep iterating again and again, so in the coming future, China might become a bigger telematics market then Europe at least, but regarding the north America, we still need to evaluate:)

Next step for China, make car and transportation infra more connected, more marketing adv, make it as a standard service for a car both for regulation level and customer experience/expectation level!

Next step for Euro, in some insensitive region make more tests on ADAS, if before market telematics is not realistic now then thing hard about after market and transportation infra, if car itself can not be changed in recently at least GPS locator or some communicator with transportation objects must be setup and standardized A.S.A.P!